Is Rene Gonzalez really a Democrat?

If Rene Gonzalez is a Democrat, why is his entire campaign made up of Republicans?

Money paid by the Gonzalez campaign to Republican firms & Operatives:

Source: Orestar campaign finance disclosures, as of May 24, 2022


ReNE has donated to republicans

Rene's only public federal political contribution was to the Republican PAC, WinRed in 2021.

Source: Federal Election Commission

WinRed is an American Republican Party fundraising platform endorsed by the Republican National Committee. It was launched to compete with the Democratic Party's success in online grassroots fundraising with their platform ActBlue.

Source: Wikipedia

Rene's PAC Endorsed school board candidates with ties to right-wing organizations

Rene founded ED300, an organization formed early in the COVID-19 pandemic demand schools re-open in opposition to OSHA, OHA, and ODE recommendations. The PAC raised money to support "union-free school board candidates" and endorsed 17 candidates with links to (or support from) far-right organizations.

Sources: ED300 Petitions, Solicitations, and Facebook Groups. Willamette Week and Cross-Referenced Endorsements from ED300 and Right-Wing Organizations.

Rene's Pollsters are Republicans

"A political newcomer seeking to unseat Portland Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty is running neck-and-neck against her in the early days of the campaign, according to an internal poll commissioned by the opponent.


The poll was conducted by Remington Research Group, a Missouri-based firm that performs political opinion surveys and research nationwide, often on behalf of Republican clients."

Source: The Oregonian, Feb. 15, 2022

Screenshot from Remington Research Group Website "Our Clients Say: 'A brand new poll from Remington Research -- highly respected -- has just come out, and in Ohio, we are four points up.' - President Donald J. Trump

Rene's MaiL firm is republican

Eagle Mailing Service's other clients:

  • Oregon Right to Life PAC

  • Move Oregon's Border

  • Benton County Republican Central Committee

  • Friends of Christine Drazan (Republican)

  • Stout for State Rep (Republican)

  • Ed Diehl for Oregon (Republican)

  • Colm Willis for Oregon (Republican)

No Democratic clients reported on Orestar.

Source: Orestar campaign finance disclosures

Rene's fundraising firm is republican

Summit Finance NW's other clients:

  • Oregon Republican Party

  • The Conservative Wing (Republican PAC)

  • Committee to Elect Lucetta Elmer (Republican)

  • Friends of Stan Pulliam (Republican)

  • Friends of Lily Morgan (Republican)

  • Aeric for Oregon (Republican)

  • Committee to Elect Charlie Conrad (Republican)

No Democratic clients reported on Orestar.

Source: Orestar campaign finance disclosures

Rene's Fundraising Platform is republican

Anedot Inc's other clients include:

  • Ted Cruz for Senate (Republican)

  • American Conservative Union

  • Marjorie Greene for Congress (Republican)

  • Friends of Kim Thatcher (Republican)

  • Bud Pierce for Oregon (Republican)

  • Kevin Mannix for State Representative (Republican)

No Democratic clients reported on OpenSecrets.

Sources: Orestar campaign finance transactions; OpenSecrets

Rene's campaign's law firm is republican

"Gober currently represents more Republican U.S. Senators than any other attorney or firm in the United States"

No Democratic clients noted on website or in public disclosures.

Sources: Orestar campaign finance disclosures; The Gober Group

Carmine Strategies LLC

Rene's opposition researcheR is republican

Carmine Strategy LLC's other clients:

  • Texans for Educational Freedom (Republican)

  • Charter Schools Now PAC (Republican)

No Democratic clients in any campaign finance databases.

Source: Orestar campaign finance disclosures, Texas Ethics Commission


"Gonzalez campaign manager Shah Smith"

Source: Willamette Week, February 24, 2022

Shah Smith previous campaign experience:

  • Bob Terry for Washington County Chair (Republican)

  • Friends of Rich Vial (Republican)

  • Mitt Romney for President (Republican)

Sources: Orestar campaign finance disclosures & The Oregonian

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All claims about Rene's campaign team made on this website are based on public records. Their sustained and wildly disproportionate support of Republicans and Republican-aligned nonpartisan candidates over the course of their careers and up through the present day speaks for itself. Regardless of party registration, Republican is as Republican does and the people of Portland can decide for themselves.